Xiaomi Aqara Temperature sensor

Did you configured anything special to make it work?

yes it works but u may have to hide the first device as it coresponds to 0000=1 cluster

richie.digital. How do you hide a device? I have the same issue.


Hello from Sweden,

Just a heads up abput ZiGate dongle, Ive recently tried it but it wont work. ZiGate says it should work but Vera said it wont… Had a long conversation with vera support about it. Tried it with my vera secure.

Although no problem getting refund when sending the product back to ZiGate…

I am very interested in getting IKEA Trådfri working on my Vera Secure so if any of you got a good solution, just tell me already!!

// Filip

Hi Filip, buy a Hue hub and connect your IKEA lamps from there. The Hue hub works great with Vera.

// Mats (from Sweden)

Just recieved a couple of aqara temp sensors now, and it popped straight in, works perfectly. :slight_smile:

Even added it sitting 10m away and one story below, no issue at all. good stuff!

looking at http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/Luup_Device_Categories there is no Pressure Sensor. I suppose this is why we can’t get this from the Aquara.

Sensors still working well, a bit longer between updates than my 433 devices, but seemingly stable operation… Temp and humidity shows as child devices, and they work as expected, but the main device have been renamed to “generic zigbee device”, and shows “waiting for wakeup to configure device” for some reason…

Yeah u can move on of the child devices to the main

There’s always the generic sensor you can use.

How do i go about doing that?

iu will do a video or write up when my new sensors come in

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Considering the price of those devices, I would really like to have Vera adding native support… To tell the truth I would like to see Vera investing a little bit more in ZigBee (like adding support for versione 3): this would allow me (and probably other users) to get rid o Hue Bridge and Aqara Bridge, thus freeing frequencies aroud the house…

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Is it possible to add Aqara Window & Door Sensor natively without adding additional zigbee dongle?

Yes if you have veraplus or secure, Check this thread Xiaomi Aqara stuff Works Natively

Hmmm, does anybody know why the Xiaomi thread is not there anymore? I am getting a: "Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

same here. Shame that thread had some useful tips to get the aqara devices working

Vera plus supports ZiGate and no need for Zigate dongle, right?

Could you please elaborate? On The GitHub page of The zigate plugin I read:


Plug the ZiGate USB dongle into an Vera’s USB port.

sorry i haven’t been much help lately. Just a bit frustrated with Vera at the moment. I probably will be looking to migrate my stuff to a new platform soon.

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