Yale Lock Pin code - trigger for Reactor?


Can a Reactor device be triggered when a PIN code is entered into my Yale touchscreen deadbolt YRD220? In Vera scenes, the choices for this device are easy - door locked, PIN code entered, low battery, etc. When I select the same device in a Reactor Condition, the only thing I see is a list of the device variable names, which does not include anything that looks like “PIN code entered”.

How can I use this action, “PIN code entered” as a Reactor trigger? Is triggering it from a Vera scene the only way?



The variable you want to examine is sl_UserCode. You can test for changes or a specific value (the index/slot of the pin code).

Other common lock service variables:

  • sl_PinFailed is TRUE when an invalid PIN is entered;
  • sl_LockButton is TRUE when the lock button is pressed (if the lock has one);
  • sl_LockFailure is TRUE when the lock fails to operate;
  • sl_LowBattery is TRUE when the battery needs replacement;
  • sl_VeryLowBattery is TRUE when you ignore sl_LowBattery long enough.

Evaluating various deadbolt conditions - user PIN, bad PIN

That worked - thank you!