Z-Wave classifieds in this user forum?

It would be nice if one of the forums was a classified section. I have some z-wave items that i would like to sell (new & used) and it would be nice to post them here where there are plenty of potential buyers. I use craigslist for my non zwave items and like the way that listings expire after a set period of time. I suggest that if we can do that in this forum, that postings expire and disappear in one week. One day before the posting disappears it would be even nicer if the poster could be emailed a notice and given a chance to edit and renew. Those later functions are probably too complex for this forum but a simple classified section should be do able.
Is there an alternative proposal for hosting a zwave classified section?
I did a web search and found this free app for creating a classified section on your website.
Would something like this work?
This site provides a list of free scripts to create an online classified ads.

I also think this would be a good idea.

Put me down for vote #3. Great idea!

Great idea and I’ll put my vote in for that too!

I concur as well. On another forum I frequent (BMW motorcycles) it works quite well.

aecchalet, what do you have? I am interested in purchasing some items.


Another yes vote here,
Would go along nicely with the vendor area idea from this thread.

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