Z-Wave deadbolt with app?


I’ve had a couple Yale Z-Wave YRD220 deadbolts for about 4 years. They hold up fine but the only way to access them is through the Vera admin webpage. Is there another brand of deadbolt that has an iOS app? I’d like to see a log of who (by passcode) accessed the lock and times and have more user friendly control.



If you are willing to spend some time configuring an app, I would recommend to switch to Homewave which replaces the vera app altogether and is a lot simpler/configurable/reliable. You can make it talk through the mios server or directly to your vera when you are on the same network or through VPN. For locks, I would avoid as much as possible creating another cloud control with another app. I actually took my entire vera off the cloud due to security and access it only through VPN.