Z-Wave is No Longer Proprietary

Silicon Labs and Z-Wave Alliance Expand Smart Home Ecosystem by Opening Z-Wave to Silicon and Stack Suppliers

Read more about it here:

Hopefully more manufacturers will now enter the market.

This sounds like a reply to zigbee with Apple, Google and Amazon announcement

Let’s see what will happen.
I hope Vera will start running fast on the ZigBee implementation.

Except if you read the announcements in detail, it will be wifi/bt/thread running IPv6 and tcp/udp with dotdot (zigbee device control application layer) on top. Support for the zigbee network is in the “maybe someday” land, so 4+ years in the future.

Apple is releasing tools for noncommercial use. Helpful for the small team prototyping a widget but homekit support will still require passing Apple gatekeepers.

I think Zwave needs an injection of porn here :rofl::

Not sure about that. Users seem to have lots of trouble pairing… :wink:


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So on the subject of CHIP, the timeline has a draft spec out end of 2020. Say final draft moves at lightning speed and is approved mid-late 2021. Version 1 devices might be available in 2022 but will any current echos/nests be able to get an ota firmware update to control them? Apple could do it no trouble on their hardware but will wait for the iOS release, and probably not until they have certified at least a half dozen devices so maybe late 2022 but 2023 is more likely a d even then version 1 devices tend to be … iffy.

So it won’t be until 2024 or 2025 when there is even enough market sales to know if this is a success, a fizzle like homekit or a bust like thread.

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