Z-wave switch - Qunino Vs Fibaro


Considering all the problems I read about FGS-223 and FGS-213 I was thinking about buying some Qubino’s, but a quick serach showed up a lot of thread about problems…
I remember I also read somewhere about qubino breaking more easly (at least from a statistic point of view).

Any comment or reccomandation is welcome…


You might want to check out Enerwaves single relay RSM1-PLUS. They are a tad bit cheaper.


^^^ Without stating your region it’s not possible to give a definitive answer.
Guessing you are in the EU then try Philio, simple non fuss modules which work well with Vera.


Sry, you are right… i’m in Europe.
BTW anyone has tested Aeotec mini switch?


Try the Philio PAN series, all work perfectly with Vera.
Google for resellers.


Cracking deal on the philio ones on here


Hi, I also advise you to try Philio PAN, you should not have any problem to make it work with Vera

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Qubino relay 2 work flawless!


As for relays, I can recommend Qubino, with one remark: although they are small, they need some room for necessary ventillation. If put it in too small wallbox or leave to little room for ventillation they you may risk that they broke (it happened to me). But if you manage that, they work without issues.

I wouldn’t recommend Qubino’s RGBW and PWM Thermostat, as they have issues with proper configuration.


I have mostly Qubino devices and a couple of Fibaro. I have Qubino 240V flush dimmers, relays (both single and double), 12V dimmer and flush shutters and have never had any issues with them. I had one being broken from the factory and I did blow out one rgbw dimmer due to me adding the wrong power supply to it and thats all the issues I’ve had.

Had zero issues wih the couple of Fibaro’s also. I have one double relay from Fibaro and I find it a bit more wonky than the Qubino one.


I bought one TBK Home TZ79 switch. They are a little bit cheaper than competitors and support zwave plus and energy monitoring.
No problem with pairing, just need to manual add device parameters to configure.
Seems to be working properly by now.


After some test and use I have to say that the switch itself performs well, but there is a big issue with the switch input: it seems to be very sensitive and does not work with long cables. I have been suggested to use a Class-X Capacitor between the Switch input and the N, but haven’t tried yet.
So if you need this relay to be connected to a toggle or edge switch, this is not good for you!