"Z-Wave: This device does not appear to offer Z-Wave communications."

I have more access since this afternoon to my devices.
I have the following message to display in a blue banner at the top of the screen:
“Z-Wave: This device does not appear to offer Z-Wave communications.”
I tried to reload yesterday’s backup, without success.
Can you give me directions to solve this serious problem, because this VeraPlus manages the security of my home.
Thank you

H, Christian

This is a matter that our Customer Care team could address.

Can you please email them at support@getvera.com or by completing this form?


Thank you.

I made a request for support …

EDITED: private data

since that night, I notice that my other VeraPlus (-) which manages the lights presents full of defect:
already 11 devices: “Can not Detect Device”
It becomes urgent to help me
I said that the systems have been stable for several months, without intervention on my part, and problems occurred suddenly yesterday afternoon.
Christian FABRE

ello, I’ve emailed you in regards to your issue.

Please reply to the email with the requested information and we will make sure to fix it asap.


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