Zemismart Tuya Zigbee Blind Motor

First time poster here. I have just acquired a Zemismart Tuya Zigbee roller blind motor, and I have not been able to operate it via zigbee. I was able to pair it with my VeraSecure controller and configure it with the following changes in the Advanced/Params tab:

device_type: urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:WindowCovering:1

device_file: D_WindowCovering1.xml

device_json: D_WindowCovering1.json

category 8, subcategory 1.

The device correctly appears as a window covering. I can issue an open or close command and the icon changes accordingly. When I do that, I get the temporary green line below the icon saying “Sending command…” then “SUCCESS! Transmit was OK”. The motor, however, remains motionless. I can operate it with the RF remote. The up and down limits are correctly set (through the RF remote), as the motor would not respond to zigbee commands if they were left unspecified, if I correctly understand the instructions.

Has anyone had any success configuring this device ?

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