Zigbee Child Device Configuration

From Snooping around on ALTUI and my Halo smoke detector’s configuration, I have come to learn how to manually configure child devices on UI7.
Knowing first of all the Zigbee HA stack has the following endpoints:
0402 = temperature sensing
0405 = humidity sensing

I was able to create child temperature/humity sensors manually for my Keen Smartvent and my Halo. They now normally should be automatically created but the vera occasionally fails to do it leaving you with the read back in a variable within the device but without any child device on the UI itself.

I did all of this on ALTUI because the standard UI tends to reload luup at each attribute change which can mess up things while ALTUI enables you to change the variables and reload luup manually only after you are done.

Now the meat:

  1. Create a child device with either D_TemperatureSensor1.xml or D_HumiditySensor1.xml and a random Implementation file which will not matter. And give it the name you want.
  2. Go into the device attributes sections and
  3. delete the implementation file, leave it blank
  4. change the id_parent field to the id of the parent device (should be a number)
  5. edit the altid by grabbing the altid of the parent device and appending the endpoint (0402 or 0405) at the end of the altid. (should be a total of 8 characters)
  6. change the embedded flag to 1
  7. Reload luup

and voila… your child device will automatically read the temperature and humidity variable from its parent!


i was able to get the Xiaomi Aqara ZigBee Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor connected to the internal zigbee chip (vera plus) now i just need to figure out how to configure it

it shows up as a blank device

Do not reload luup!!! if you do the vera will wipe the device out. I hope you have ALTUI. If you have it, go into ALTUI and go to device table. Find the last device and enter it. Give it a name and device file and device json. Once you do that it will show up on the UI even without a luup reload.

i just realized its actually the vibration sensor but i did give it a name and just used some generic json file

i did order some more temp sensors

Do you have the endpoint number for it? Unfortunately the vera implementation of the zigbee HA stack is far from complete and not all endpoints get read into a device variable.

nope not yet but i figured getting it to show up and stay there is a starting point


imagine if we get these things to work how wide we would blow the vera open

based on these

seems like it can be implemented just need read through
but its a vibration tilt and drop

Value “1”: shake / vibrate
Value “2”: tilt
Value “3”: drop / free fall