Zigbee innr power sockets

Has anyone tried the zigbee power sockets from innr? I know they can be added to a hue hub but was interested to see if anyone had tried direct Control from Vera. They are much more cost effective than zwave plugs.

I just brought and tried Innr SP 224 smart plug from Amazon. I need to use it primarily as a range extender for my Zigbee devices. It supposed to support Philips Hue bridge and Samsung SmartThings. It’s Zigbee 3.0 so I figured it should work well with Vera Plus. Nope, it doesn’t respond when I tried to add it as a generic Zigbee device.

Any help would be appreciated on how to pair this Innr smart plug to Vera Plus.

Thanks for your reply sounds like you’ve saved me some cash. We clearly both had the same thoughts. We need the Vera team to sort out the zigbee part of Vera as it’s not very well supported seemingly and as we all know the protocol Co tinues to grow in many areas. I might buy some plugs and see if I can get them to work even if it means adding them to hue first (which is not the way id really want to go but it might just have to do for now).

Agreed. I think the Vera team needs to put more focus on device compatibility as a priority. It’s frustrating when I buy something that’s Zigbee but cannot get it to pair when it works with its biggest competitor SmartThings.

You can still give Innr a try since you have the Hue bridge. The manufacturer clearly states that the smart plug is compatible.

Also agree. I might give them a good via the hue hub, I’m just a little wary incase hue do another round of making hue only work with hue items (which they tried in the past), ideally I’d like Vera to drive everything as it keeps it simple. Will let you know how it goes if I give it a go.

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