ZOOZ Motion Sensor ZSE18


Has anyone tested out the ZSE18? They are going for a pretty good price and I was just curious about performance, usability with Vera, etc.


I’m using 4 of them with my VeraSecure, the oldest of which has been in place for about 14 months. They’ve all been reliable. I found that I had to set the sensitivity to maximum (8) for them to be useful for where I’ve got them. I’m seeing a battery life of 8-9 months.

Thanks for the response. Helpful info!

Only thing I found with the ZSE18’s is they don’t seem to respond to “poll requests” (even when running on USB power). So it shows as a weak node when viewing my mesh network in AltUI and the “pollrate” variable is low.

Not sure if that’s a limitation with this particular device. Zooz support told me it must be a Vera specific issue, as they haven’t had this with any other hardware hubs.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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