Zooz Power Strip Device TYpe

I have a Zooz powerstrip (ZEN20 VER. 2.0) connected to vera and it is working great except when i use the “Turn All Off” dashboard shortcut for lights it also turns off the ports on the power strip.

What can i do to fix this?

Have you tried going to the Advanced section of the device (the master one) and changing the category_num to 3, then subcategory_num to 0?

You’ll need to reload Z-Wave Engine under Z-Wave Settings in the Vera dashboard after the change is completed.

The first thing i did was change the cat to 3 and subcat to 1 so they no longer displayed as light bulbs and confused my wife.

Could you try setting the subcat to 0 instead? 1 is probably still the category of devices included in the all-switch-on/off command.

Subcategory 0 works but displays the light bulb icon instead of the powe outlet icon and isnt preferred by my wife using the mobile app

Set it to 8 (relay) or 4 (refrigerator) and you should be ok.

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