ZOOZ ZEN23 Ver2.0 Switch and UI5

I have just installed this switch and it functions properly in local mode (the switch hadle at both the master and the remote 3 way switch) and in ZWave from my Vera.

I do get a status error in Vera Failed at: Getting the version .

I tried configure node right now and that didn’t help. I can stress test it and all the pings get through suggesting ZWave basic communications are fine.

Any idea what is going on? Is there a defect in the ZOOZ firmware?

I have 40+ other devices in my network all working fine.

Likely due to UI5 not supporting zwave+ and the device returning an unknown command class related to zwave+ version. Probably turn off auto configuration for the device and you should be ok.

Thanks! That did the trick. Now the error is gone and it works properly.

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