ZW122 Aeotec Flood Sensor - choosing armed and tripped in conditions

Hi Rigpapa,

really getting to enjoy the flexibility of this app! Love the ability to be able to drag and drop conditions around from one group to another, makes setup a lot easier.

I’ve noticed if I choose a condition, for the above flood sensor, and choose the device defined event “Whenever device is armed and detects flood”, this is actually just choosing the variable Armed. Its easy enough to resolve, by changing the variable to “ArmedTripped” but just in case it catches anyone out.


For some reason, the (standard) device file uses two separate tests for that–it tests Armed and Tripped separately, rather than just checking ArmedTripped. The Reactor UI is only inserting the first test. This is the only device I’ve run into so far that has a two-element test in its triggers, so it hasn’t been a big priority, but it’s noted.

Edit: So in Reactor, just change the test to use the ArmedTripped variable.

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