ZWaveNode::HandlePollUpdate_Basic_Set node XX device XX unhandled

Anyone with this errors in their logs?

I noticed that a Fibaro Plug started reporting a lot of this errors, and it’s flooind the network, probably.

ZWaveNode::HandlePollUpdate_Basic_Set node XX device XX unhandled

I don’t want to exclude/include, since it is basically working and attached to a lot of scenes. Any hints? Paging @mcv.bogdanf, since he helped me figuring out the Fibaro Smart Implant.

I will need to take a look over the log file to understand what is going on. Send me a PM with full log.

Yes – with an Inovelli NZW-37 dual switch, maybe starting about 10 days ago. It started happening after I moved the switch to a different room. I had done an update neighbor nodes right after I moved it.

The obvious symptom I was having was that it would sometimes turn off by itself a few minutes after I turned it on. When I checked the logs, that was the error coming up right before the turn-off. There was no command being sent to the switch, just that error, and a change in switch status.

That device does have an auto shutoff option, but I verified it was disabled.

After Unpairing/pairing the device, I have not seen the problem again.

In my case, it’s a Fibaro WallPlug that I paired maybe 4 years ago and I’ve not moved since at least 3 years, since it’s monitoring my washing machine.

Let’s see if I find some time to exclude and include again.

looking at the logs I have the same message on a NeoCoolCam detector. A priori it works correctly because it is used to turn on the lights of the aisle, at night if presence and I have not seen any non functioning during these days.
Note: its state is used by REACTOR

ZWaveNode::HandlePollUpdate_Alarm node 22 device 131 v1type: 0 v1level: 0 source: 0 status: 255 type: 7 event: 0 parms_len: 1 parms: 8 code: (null)

This is very different… What @therealdb is concerned about is that the Poll which is a get frame to the basic command class 32 (0X20) is unhandled. Your log snippet doesn’t show that. It shows an alarm update poll instead. What is weird is that his log seems to be a basic Set. I don’t know why this would be needed for a poll.

and polling is in fact disabled. I suspect something got corrupted and the only way to fix it is to exclude/include :frowning:

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