2 Aeon HEM G1 Combines Energy

Hi everyone,
Our house have 2 electric panels, Main and Sub panels. each one is 2x120V.
so I bought 2x Aeoen HEM G1 and installed them to each panel.

with the instruction from this link:

I able to get the HEM work very well with my Vera.

My question is: how do I create a “Virtual Device” to get the Total energy report in WATT AND KWH from 2 main HEM ?
I attach my screenshot.

Please help me. I really appreciate.


Hello huuviet,

You may try to see if Datamine 2 will help.


@huuviet I know this thread is old now, but I have the same situation (2 panels with each being 2x120V with two Aeon Energy Meters (DSB09104-ZWUS). I’m interested to know what you ended up doing.

I really like the Vera UI7 dashboard for energy monitoring, but I can only select one of the two monitors as accounting for the whole house.

To clarify - I’ve called my energy meters “Lt” for the Left electric panel and “Rt” for the Right electric panel. The energy meters also have an A and B side for each electric phase being measured.

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