Adding Other IP Camera - Can See Image, Can't Add

Trying to add an existing camera I had after upgrading to Vera Plus 2 days ago… doesn’t seem to be working although I found the camera image stream url. I tried to use the Add other camera feature, I can see the image when I click “TEST” then add the camera name, assign room, and then click “NEXT” and get an ERROR message… Can anyone help?

What’s the error message?

The best and most specific error message… The kind you know was created by quality programmers… “An error has occurred and we couldn’t add the camera.”

Seems strange you see the camera image when doing the test but then get an error.

So this is a snapshot jpg URL for the camera or mjpg?

Vera doesn’t support Rtsp streams I don’t think.

Is there any authentication setup on the camera to access this image URL?

Yes, it’s a snapshot jpg url. Just http://(IP)/auto.jpg

Yes authentication. But that is working since I removed my Username and password, and it didn’t work – the test image, put it in and it works. I fiddled around with it all to make sure the test image works. As soon as I hit test, the image shows up, and lets me add camera name and associate room, but clicking next brings the dreaded error message…

If the Add camera wizard isn’t working you can create a new camera device in Vera manually.

Don’t know how upto date this wiki is but may point you in the right direction.

Or search for the forums for manually adding cameras.

Yep, tried that, still messing with it, but not working either… Thanks though, hopefully Vera will help…

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