Aeotec Smart Switch 6 default power on settings

Hi all, can anyone help with an Aeotec Smart Switch on a Vera Plus. All is working and paired. I believe that the switch has three settings for behaviour when power is cut and then restarted. I believe default setting is that
it restarts with the same state as existed prior to power being disconnected.

I would like to change the parameter to an “allways on” state when power is applied.

I know it can be done but the question is how do I make the change in the Vera plus.

Thanks for any help

Parameter #20, size is one byte, values are 0=last state, 1=on, 2=off

Go to the device’s control panel and into the “Device Options” tab. If parameter 20 is not listed under “Configuration Settings”, hit the “Add configuration settings” button, and then enter 20 for the variable on the new row. Choose “one byte dec” from the “Data Size” dropdown, and then enter 1 in the “Desired Value” box, and hit “Save Changes”. Luup will reload (of course). You should also do a hard-refresh of your browser (click link).

Thanks for your help and detailed instructions - all sorted thanks again.

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