Alerts from hidden device


I am receiving unwanted alert from hidden device when switching from mode Home to Night:

This device was created somehow when I tried to hide unwanted child devices of Philio door/temp/light sensor. I have put the code for hide in Startup Luua and device was hidden, but upon next reboot it recreated itself under other Device ID with “1” appendix in its name, so I have hidden that as well, but it recreated itself again - so I gave up and left that 3rd “copy” of hidden device unhidden.

What happens now is that I receive alert about that hidden “device opened” each time Vera mode changes to Night, I suppose it is armed, but I cant disarm it because it is hidden.

I was able to identify this device ID in Advanced scene editor, which shows up all - even hidden devices:

I have tried to unhide this device ID = 228 but when running the code:


in Test Luup, I receive error: Failed to run code (yes I have enabled potentionally unsafe codes in settings). I also tried to run this code:


but failed as well.

I tought that if I unhide the device causing the alert I can disarm it and than hide again.

Any advice how to stop this device causing alerts?

Thanks in advance!

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In your code extract, your double quotes show invalid syntax. You actually need:


Whether this is a function of how you pasted the code into the forum, or you actually tried running this code is unclear. It often arises from cut and pasting incorrectly formatted forum code, or using an inappropriate text editor as opposed to a proper IDE or code editor.

Thanks, that did the trick! Device showed up, and yes it had been Armed in Night/Away mode, so I unchecked Arm for those modes and now it does not alert when switching modes. Afterwards I had hidden the device again.

Can someone explain to me, why that child device re-created itself again and again under new Device ID when previous “copy” of that device had been hidden?

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