Alerts stopped working

I can send a test message from the edit interface and it works fine but none of the alerts that are setup within scenes are working anymore. Any ideas? The Luup code is there and I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the app and recreated the scenes as well with no luck.

This is on a VeraPlus running firmware version 1.7.3532


Are your licensed ? Unlicensed has a limit on the number of messages sent for each Vera restart.
Check your settings:
a) Alerts enabled ?
b) Associations set ?

Are you getting an errors about Scene Errors. Errors in ANY LUA coding will stop ALL LUA … including the notifications.

I am a registered user and love the product!

Thanks! I found some bad LUA code, didn’t realize it broke all LUA if there was an error somewhere else, makes sense though.

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