Allow unsafe lua? tied to reactor randomly failing since 7.30?

Hi Folks,

I saw another thread about reactor randomly failing since 7.30… I guess I’ve also inexplicably had this occur as well… where it seems conditions evaluate to true, but then activities don’t seem to fire as they should. I don’t know if this is tied to it, but today, when I was editing some of my activities in a reactor sensor I saw the following: (see screenshot).

Where i had an activity action running a scene, it told me that this action required me to “allow unsafe lua” on the users & account info > security page.

I’ve never seen this message before, I went into my security settings and sure enough it’s disabled

Going to try turning it on, and see if that seems to do anything to help with the occasional activity “mis fires”.

Has anyone else seen this?

So, did I stumble on something new or is this something everyone else knew besides me lol?

I received this for the first time today too, but then I was editing one of my RSs adding the running of a vera scene, and on saving received the same message. I’m on 7.29 so nothing to do with the firmware upgrade.

I suspect, and Patrick will confirm, is that this option is required to be enabled, in order for a plugin to fire off a vera scene.


Thanks Tony,

I’m wondering why I never rec’d this message before I guess. If this option has always been there (and I’ve never noticed it) or if it’s something recent.

Patrick let us know your take when you have a chance!

It’s a new warning. Someone had ot turned off and was having problems with notifications, and that was the cause. It is also required for a small set of other features, including RunScene.

Users reporting problems with actions: many have been Hue users, and it appears you need delays when sending multiple Hue commands. Others have had logic errors–overlapping conditions and race conditions, primarily. I have not seen any other evidence that the reported issues are a problem with either 7.30/31 or Reactor 3.4/5.

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