Any Blue Iris experts? How to send command from Vera to turn on / off motion detection?


I have a IP camera in Blue Iris, I would like to send HTTP commands from Vera to Blue Iris to turn off and on the motion detection feature of the camera in Blue Iris.

I know how to send HTTP commands from Vera scenes or virtual devices, however the commands I have found on Google for Blue Iris to do this don’t appear to work or do anything.

For example I am using these commands to send to the Blue Iris server.

Motion Off:

Motion On:

For example when I run the Motion off command in a web browser I get back a response like this, which to me says it worked as its not an error message.


However when I look at the motion detection setting in Blue Iris for this particular camera its still turned on.

And in addition my virtual motion sensor device in Vera for this Blue Iris IP camera, still trips for motion, when if the Blue Iris HTTP command had worked to turn off motion detection, I would expect my virtual motion sensor device in Vera to then not trip.

To answer my own question, I have found a different way to do it which appears to be working.

In Blue Iris they have Profiles, I’ve never used these before and the IP camera was just using “Profile 1” however if I use “Profile 2” and turn off the motion detection setting in that profile.

I can then switch between the two profiles:

Motion detection ON = Profile 1
Motion detection OFF = Profile 2

Motion Off:

Motion On:

And to send those commands from a Vera scene or PLEG action.

Motion Off:


Motion On:


I was then able to create a virtual switch device in Vera and have some PLEG logic to monitor that virtual switch for on and off and PLEG will fire the HTTP command to Blue Iris to change the cameras profile accordingly.


And I added a toggle button widget in to Imperihome app to control if the motion detection in Blue Iris, for this camera should be on or off.

This will be handy for when the neighbour or I are cutting the front lawns, as it triggers the motion detection on the doorbell cam within Blue Iris and then Vera and then other alerts within the house start going off.

Least now I can turn off the motion detection for the Doorbell Cam in Blue Iris to stop Blue Iris sending http signals to Vera and to the Vera virtual motion sensor device for this IP camera.

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