At what point do I upgrade UI?

I’ve been running UI5 since the beginning, when there was hardly any home automation systems. I’ve been going through I’ve pieced together my system primarily for lighting, door and motion sensors. I’ve tried integrating Sonos, Honeywell, Rachio and but found that their native apps are more user friendly and stable. I’m considering changing to a different zwave controller but wanted to make sure I’m not missing anything with a new updated UI. Any feedback is appreciated.

FWIW I’m still running UI5 mainly for lighting and environment(heating).
It’s stable and has never given any problems but doesn’t work with GEN5 Z-Wave so it’s obsolete. I also have a Edge (several) and Homeseer (both Pi and Windows). I’ll sit on the fence with the Edge but if push comes to shove I’ll bailout to Homeseer, more so when HS4 hits the market, the native integrations promise a lot. The jury will be our until then.

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Yes, I still run UI5 on two of my systems (VeraLites) but do all the integrated control along with another Vera Edge using openLuup running on a RPi.

The Veras are, essentially, just Zwave / HTTP bridges and the automation comes from scenes running on openLuup, so it doesn’t matter what the UI is on Vera at all. When I want to access them directly, I use AltUI, anyway!

I’d like to know more how you have done this, but it is a topic for another thread…

I have a single Vera 3. It is running UI5. Zwave lighting, motion sensors, deadbolt, Wayne Dalton Controller are paired to the Vera 3. AutoVera & VeraAlerts (vital to me) are the only plugins installed.

98% of the time, I access it with a Raspberry Pi 3 running OpenLuup / ALTUI. Almost all scenes, and plugins like Honeywell TCC, Reactor, Google Calendar, ALTHUE, Wink Connect, etc. are installed and run on the RPi.

Not the most modern setup but very stable. No advanced zwave devices, no Alexa or Google Home. If I ever have great need to upgrade my hardware, I’ll add whatever controller that is popular at that time.


To me the biggest issue I have is the user interface. I’ve been able to get everything to work well but every time I need to create a scene it take too much time for me to reacquaint myself with Luup, etc. Is OpenLuup or AltUI a better option?

If for anything UI7 might be a bit more confusing than UI5 even though it opens up more options and functionalities along with device support. I do most of my work on ALTUI on my vera. OpenLuup and ALTUI come together. OpenLuup is an engine you have to run on another server on your network. ALTUI is the user interface. It is the same interface which can be run on the vera if you install the plugin. Once you get familiar with ALTUI, I think you will not go back.

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I think you meant to say:

“I don’t think you will go back.” ?


“I think you will not go back.” ??

Hope so, anyway!

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ahh sorry. My re-editing got this double negative. Sorry. I am changing that. Thank you for noticing!

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Good point running ALTUI on the UI5 Vera. I do that too (but forgot to mention)


In my opinion, the ALTUI (plugin) on Vera UI5 is far superior to the original UI5 interface from mios. On the rare times I actually access the Vera3, it is done via the ALTUI url.

:grin: - Yd’M!

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Do i need a computer/ardunio/server to run AltUI? How do I get started?

You can install AltUI as a plugin…


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