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I had been using the AutHomation app for android for the last few months. I like that I can put an icon for a device on/off on the home screen. I use this feature constantly. I can’t get that app any more as it has been removed from the play store. Does anyone know of an app that has the feature of putting an icon on the home screen for devices or scenes to be run quickly and easily?




You can still download it directly if you want.,8156.0.html

I am not sure if you were just looking for a replacement because you need to download it for a new device or if you just want something that is consistently updated/supported.



Mostly to install on my wife’s phone. I tested it to make sure it worked well. She was mad that I had this great app that she couldn’t get. Are there any currently maintained ones that have that feature? If not I’ll continue to use AutHomation as it works great currently.



Also the links are no longer available. Does anyone have a copy of this around?



Use the link at the top of the page ( I just tried it and it worked for me.



Here is a link to the newest download outside of the Play Store:

This comes from this thread:,25219.0.html



I use ImperiHome and I have found it way better when useing dashboard. It does all kinds of things including adding a shortcut to your phone desktop or home screen.

In Andriod these are called widgets and you can add a widget for voice input, a camera, a scene or a link to a certain dashboard.

I use the PRO version (no limitations) 6.00 and some change. They do have a free version.



I just spent too much time going through android apps for my vera. I was most impressed with Imperihome if you use its dashboards. You do need to purchase it because the free version is pretty limited.

With that said, I’ve moved past it and have built my own app using Tasker and Autovera. With those two apps it’s very easy to customize your home screen with updating icons that toggle switches and run scenes. However, it takes a bit of elbow grease to set it up so it’s probably not a great fit for your wife’s phone.



If you use autovoice with it as well you can control everything on your vera with this (?turn on the|change to|light up the|illuminate|activate)(?.+) in the command filter on an autovoice profile and for the task add an autovera/device action and in the configuration set your vera name set the action to state and state to on then go into advanced settings and set the manual device name to %device now you can say “OK Google, turn on the front porch” and tasker will search your device list for a match on “front porch”. You can change or add anything you want between the | | to Taylor it to your system. Once you get it running then you can clone it and change the clone to turn everything off I also cloned the task to include scenes as well hence the |change to| command. Tasker and autovera changed the automation game for me. Everything I had wished my vera did before I can now handle in tasker. I have even given my house sound effects when you go certain places or open doors. My basement door makes the Mario down the pipe sound when you open it and my fridge is homer Simpsons " d’oh". It really has made my automation fun again I really can talk about it all day but I’m sure I’m rambling already. Oh and you can make widgets that update there icons and lables depending on the state of the light I even made invisible buttons and overlayed them on an IP cam view so you can touch the lights in the live view and watch them change in real time the list goes on and on.



I’ve used Tasker/AutoVera/AutoVoice in a similar way. It works very well. I’ve extended its functionality to my Moto 360 watch. Personally, I’m not a big fan of speaking my commands, but it does come in real handy when I’m driving. “Make sure the garage doors are closed”… or “show me the porch camera”.

It does take more work to set it up than a program like Imperihome, but with Tasker I’ve been able to marry several devices and services that usually don’t work together (zmodo cameras, vera lite, opensprinkler, raspberry pi, etc…).



Wow, I didn’t realize how much good information I can get here. Thanks to all for your input. I think the tasker/autovera/voice sounds interesting, but I don’t have the time to set it up right now. I am looking into ImperiHome now as I need something that I can get working on all of our android devices (3 tables, 3 phones, 4 people). I need it simple and bulletproof.

One question about the tasker setup. Once you get it working on one device, can you export that to the others, or do you have to go through all of the setup and configuration on all of the devices?

Thanks again for all the great information,



I liked Imperihome because it was quick and simple. It’s well worth the price - especially since you can use it on all your devices.

Yes, you can export / import everything from tasker. You would probably have to manually copy the exported file and any custom icons to each device and then re-set up the widgets. Or, if you have two of the same device you can always do a full nandroid backup and restore without having to do anything else.



Authomation is still my default app for the reasons you stated at the top of the thread (ability to have shortcuts on your home screen). It deals well with multiple veras as well as local/remote switchover. I keep a copy on my gdrive to install on my Androids, so if you were not successful in getting a link I can provide one.

You can also do a backup and restore it on another device (it’s needs some coaxing, but it works) obviating the need to reconfigure each installation.

Bummer that development stopped. I tried ImperiHome a while back and I didn’t click with it – but that’s just me.

AltUI is showing some promise, but it’s not there yet (for me) for a AutHomation replacement.



[quote=“tedp, post:13, topic:189388”]Authomation is still my default app for the reasons you stated at the top of the thread (ability to have shortcuts on your home screen). It deals well with multiple veras as well as local/remote switchover. I keep a copy on my gdrive to install on my Androids, so if you were not successful in getting a link I can provide one.

You can also do a backup and restore it on another device (it’s needs some coaxing, but it works) obviating the need to reconfigure each installation.[/quote]

All of this is done better with Imperihome. Unlike authomation you don’t have to switch between veras, it can all be on one page if you wanted. Local and remote switcher takes it a step further and you can tell it which wifi each device is on to know without even trying if your on a local network or not. One click export makes a single file for backup and can be saved to email, phone, Dropbox or what ever. After imperihome is installed from the play store double click that file and it loads everything to do a full restore. You can use this to install on many devices after changes are made on one. Colors, background, cutsom layout of how many devices you want on each page. Not only does it do vera’s but it does a bunch of other controllers and IP cameras. So my cameras are not ran threw vera. IP cameras are gabbed straight from the camera and displayed right in the same app as VERA. So you save the resources and get a better camera picture.

There is actually many, many advantages but like my self everyone starts with authomation because it’s FREEEE. After you spend 6.00 your in a another world. After if you only use the free version you loose alot, including I think the backups and multi controllers if I remember right.



I have both AutHomation & Imperihome… I still use AH much more often.

IHs Dashboard has utility for things like Security Cameras, and if you have a device dedicated to a room but AH is much better if you have a lot of devices an your phone/tablet is carried from room-to-room or when on the go you can simply use Favorites which is more efficient. AH also has compact mode which looks 10x better (the easier visibility makes it easier to use also) than IHs list mode and is nearly as space efficient

IH is not well thought-out design wise… dash widgets waste space, gfx are from the 90s, cannot create desktop shortcuts directly to devices, etc. The way IH breaks-out MultiSwitch buttons into separate devices is nice.

AHs design & gfx (looks & use of space) are far superior. It is lacking a Dashboard feature, Composite widgets (though, this is not a huge deal IMO), and MultiSwitch button breakout like IH has.



I actually like the way AH does multiswitches better than IH. I know Garrett had been looking into to doing some kind of dashboard functionality before he decided to put development on hold.

I still use AH almost exclusively for my on the go device but am working to convert my Android phone/tablet wall controllers to IH as that will provide better functionality for that application. On my phone AH is 1st followed by the Vera app (Geofencing & notification) and SmartAbode (Android wear for easy device and GDO open/close via my smart watch)
IH is present but rarely used.



Autowear is great for creating dynamic lists for tasker control of vera as well. Auto location for geofencing and autocast for CCTV event monitoring honestly I probably have something tied in with all of the autoapps. Automate you life, not just your house.



I’ve now moved completely to a combination of Tasker (with AutoVera) and Zooper widget. Pros: It’s 100% customizable. Cons: It’s 100% customizable. You have to manually set everything up. But, Zooper and Tasker both have copy/paste/save/restore features that really make it easy to replicate switches. I’ll post some pics when I get a minute.



I would love to see some pictures and examples of your setup. I also use Tasker for alot of stuff on my phone but haven’t started to integrate it with AutoVera that much, yet.

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You can find some details in this thread:,34511.0.html