Automate Navien tankless water heater

I recently installed a Navien tankless water heater ( with a built in recirculation pump. I wanted to add the system to my home automation. A a few people have had a look at the api that comes with the Navilink controller ( and it appears to be a proprietary protocol ( Instead of going down that route, I was thinking of just automating the recirculation (as it’s the most important to me). They sell a button kit that turns on the recirculation for a set amount of time ( I was wondering if I could use a simple 12v ZWave relay instead of the button as a way of automating it. The only issue I see is that it needs to act like a button press, not an on switch so I’d have to have a trigger to shut it off as soon as it came on.

Does anyone have any feedback or any experience with this kind of thing?

Thanks in advance

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