AutoVera has been updated to support both UI5 and UI7

After a month of beta testing, an update to AutoVera has been pushed to Google Play that allows for both local and remote control of Vera UI5 and UI7.

As many of you know, UI7 uses a different authentication protocol than UI5, leaving AutoVera users on UI7 unable to control Vera remotely. As of today, the same Vera account can now access both UI5 and UI7 no matter the location, as long as you have an active internet connection.

AutoVera is available with a 14-day free trial and is available for purchase for $3.49:

Instructional guides can be found here:

Please report any issues in this thread or subforum.

What is the status of AutoVera on UI6? Since authentication is the same between UI6 and UI7 (I beleive).

Not tested, or definately does not work?

I installed autovera in my phone and it does get the sensors and scenes.
In my Vera3 on UI7 however there is nothing to see in the autovera device (see images)
Did i do something wrong installing this?

In the variabeles the field “AutoVeraDeviceId” showed this message (some variabeles replaced by “x”):

Having the same issue as above - is there any support in this plugin at all?? Am on UI7, and when installing the plugin, there is a message saying “waiting for config data”, which might be part of the problem?

Go to and post there. Joao is the sole developer and will answer your questions there.

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