Bali Autoview Blinds - Battery Indicator on AC Powered Blinds

I’ve recently replaced all of the solar shades in my home with new Bali Autoview z-wave shades, and have integrated them with Vera. All of that worked fine, although the steps are a bit cumbersome, and I find it odd that you have to include into your network both the shade and it’s own remote control as well - my devices screen is cluttered with a bunch of shade remotes.

In any event, most of my shades run on battery packs, but I have three shades that I’m running on AC power. Yet, those three shades still show battery level indicators in the Vera UI (& app) and, further, they seem to be mimicking the battery levels of their associated remotes as opposed to just showing “100%” all the time, given they’re plugged in to AC power. The other, battery-powered shades show accurate (I believe) battery levels for the shade battery packs, as one would expect.

Curious if there’s a way to let Vera know that those three shades are not battery powered, so I don’t see battery-level indicators and/or why they’re not indicating 100% given they’re AC powered.

Any ideas from the community?


You can try to remove the BatteryLevel variable. Do this from Apps -> Develop apps -> Test Luup Code (Lua) Put in the shade device number for dev_num

local dev_num = 111
luup.variable_set("urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HaDevice1", "BatteryLevel", nil, dev_num)

It may not stick and the values could reappear.

You can also hide a device from the UI.

luup.attr_set("invisible",1, dev_num)

Cheers Rene

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