Battery Level for android device


Hey, does anyone know how to get the battery level to show in vera for my various imperihome devices around the house. They are all running on Android. I want to cut power to them until the battery goes below a certain level.

Thanks in advance.



anyone got a solution for this yet?



Any familiarity with Tasker? I use it to send the battery level to Vera whenever it changes. You can send it to a multistring or set a variable in a device and reference it from there. I actually use virtual sensors to represent my android device that reflects availability through the Tripped variable, display on/off through the Armed variable, and battery through the BatteryLevel variable.



I tried once to use taser and failed miserably haha, do you have any tips of where to learn how to use this along with vera and imperihome?

Thanks again



Searching google will provide an abundance of help with tasker. It is actually not very difficult. You would create a “Profile” for the event “BatteryChanged”. Then in the “Task” for the “Profile” you would use an “HTTP Post” action to send the batterylevel to vera. For example, to send the current battery level to “BatteryLevel” variable of vera DeviceNum 31, the “HTTP Post” would be defined

“Server:Port” = YOUR_VERA_IP:3480
“Path”: data_request?id=lu_variableset&DeviceNum=31&serviceId=urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HaDevice1&Variable=BatteryLevel&Value=%BATT

The “%BATT” is a built in Tasker variable that stores current battery level of the device.

Then on the vera side, use the value of the variable for automatons. I use PLEG for the automatons. I have no idea if it can be done through standard Vera scenes.