Best multi-channel IO board for HVAC

I want to switch, and sense 24VAC circuits in order to automate hvac stuff.

What’s a good Vera-compatible product to do this. I would think 4 channels sensing and 4 switching would be enough.

I want, for instance, to inhibit the AC condenser under certain conditions (if any windows or doors are open longer than 3 minutes, or if it’s a nice temperature outside), force the fan on at times if it hasn’t run in a while (need sensing and switching for that), etc. I’m not seeking HVAC management advice in this thread. but looking for recommendations for some sort of I/O device.

I’ve had crappy experiences with MiMo Lite. And I don’t think it HAS to be z-wave for me to be happy either. just has to be vera-compatible.

If you’re ok with dyi, a route could be a custom made nodemcu with relays and/or clamps attached. You could map it to a virtual device using AutoVirtualThermostat plugin.

Another route is zuno, but you’ll need to program it. There are examples on their site.

I’m not familiar with ready to use solutions, but I’m sure others will chime in to offer advices soon.

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