Beta - MiOS for Android v.1.0.623

We’re releasing a new Beta update for MiOS for Android v.1.0.623 with the following:

New features:

  • New navigation menu for the app;
  • Use dashboard in full screen;
  • Add support for the built-in siren of the upcoming Ezlo Secure controller
  • Add support for devices that uses z-wave SOUND_SWITCH command class ( adjust the volume and select a song from the predefined list the device supports);
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Looks like there is a typo on the network settings page. If the access point is disabled it shows enabled. Version 1.0.642

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I noticed that as well. Did you previously use the online Api tool to disable the Access Point? I did.

No I didn’t use the api tool to switch it off. I can switch it on/off via the app but it doesn’t show the status correctly on that page.

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