Beta - VeraMobile for iOS v.3.45(2)

We’re happy to announce we’ve submitted today to TestFlight a new VeraMobile for iOS v.3.45(2) Beta update with the following:.

New features for Ezlo Controllers:

  • Add enrolment for for Ezlo Plus hardware
  • Bug fixing for scenes

Hey Ioana, the updates have been great. Is it possible to add a connecting screen? I’ve asked for this a few time’s before and it’s been pushed aside. It’s a simple way to show the user if the app has connected or not.

Hi @Pabla - what do you mean to add a connecting screen? Or even better can you point me to the post where you requested this?

The post is quite a few posts down now. Currently when the app is first opened you do get a loading screen then all your devices show up. What id like to have is anytime you open the app, either for the first time or opening it from the background, a screen that says “connecting” comes up. This screen should stay there until all devices states have been updated and the connection with the controller has been completed. Currently if you close out of the app and open it up from the app switcher, the controls are unresponsive because the connection is still in process. If there was a connection screen it would prevent the user from frantically trying to turn a device on/off when the controller hasn’t even been connected. Please see the example from HomeKit that I have attached that gives a better idea of what I’m trying to explain.

I see, you refer to the “Updating” word that is present in each tile.

Yes something similar to that would be nice

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I agree with that. We need something similar, totally.
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