Bond Home working with Vera

Just wondering if Vera is working on Bond Home ?

Hi @drnaifeh!

I’m one of the Product Managers at Ezlo.

We are planning to integrate IR/RF blasters with Ezlo platform in the near future.

Could you share your experience with Bond Home?

It would be great to know what is the most important features are you interested in?


I want to be able to control my ceiling fans with lights from the Vera platform.

Thank you

Temperature based scene to run the fan. Or sunset to turn the fan light on.

Support on Vera Plus.

Thank you very much for your feedbacks @drnaifeh, @tomtcom, @polskikrol !

We will add this to the backlog for Ezlo platform.

If you have any other use-cases just share with us.


RF / IR devices can be controlled with Broadlink RM PRO as well I would say dedicated RF/IR blasters would be key, since you may have minisplits, ir controlled fireplaces, etc in different rooms. Wouldnt want a separate Vera instance in each room! Those Broadlink RM PRO devices dont support 5GHz wireless, which is what the rest of my automation devices run (ie, Vera, Ecobee, etc). Would be silly to use 2.4GHz for this one device. How is the Broadlink integration with Vera? Ecobee has a decent integration. Would be interested in being able to control things more granularity on Vera as long as the interaction with RF/IR devices such as the Broadlink were fully supported for various workflows. Of course, not sure there are many opensource API RF/IR devices, so some Internet based interaction via Cloud-based APIs may be needed (no different than Ecobee for instance).

well i use vera cocierge and it stores all my ir and rf commands within the app and i can just call it when i need it
I have vera concierge running in an unraid docker image

and within vera concierge all my rf / Ir commands are stored by Unit so its possible to have multiple units throughout the room that can send IR/RF commands

I used to use GC100 for a verly long time

I think you should try the RM Pro before u go bond home its only $30. Maybe the devs can build better integration for the RM pro but for me its absolutely rock solid

Yes on in Vera plus thank you

This would be great if Vera/Ezlo would integrate on the Vera platform for all of the Vera users.
Bond has just announced that they are now able to integrate with SmartThings.

Any update on Bond Home? Thank you Danny

Hi @drnaifeh! Not yet, but we will let you know as soon as we do the integration.

Thank you for the follow-up.

Another question ring doorbell integrations in the future? And samsung SmartThings has this also!

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