Can anyone figure out how to get VeraMate back?

I had to restore my iPhone XR after the iOS 13.3 upgrade locked it up. So I lost my VeraMate app because Apple forces you to re-download all apps.

(What’s the point of a backup??? I hate Apple’s new trend of taking away features in MacOS and iOS for our own good!)

Are there any Mac wizards out there that know of a way to get this app back on my iPhone? I have an extra Mac in storage with quite a few iTunes backups on it. One of them may have the app.

I also have my iPad Pro with VeraMate on it.

I also have access to my wife’s iPhone XR that has VeraMate on it.

I may even have an older iPhone laying around with VeraMate on it,

So there are lots of possibilities. Any ideas out there?

I would rather change brands of controllers than be forced to use the Vera Mobile app!

Veramate still exists. Apple just doesn’t allow you to install (or restore from backup) on the latest OS and/or devices. This is due to the fact that Veramate has appeared to have abandoned the product and not keeping it up to date to Apple’s standards.

It’s unfortunate. I reached out a long time ago asking if he would like help, etc but never responded. I believe we can consider it dead at this point.

Good news is the Vera official app is coming along quite well. While maybe not a perfect replacement for Veramate yet, it’s getting close.

My wife just upgraded from the 6 to the XR and she also lost VeraMate. I have both on my 6 and use VeraMate daily. But I agree, if I lost VeraMate, I could live with the new Vera app. The dashboard can be tweaked to function similar to VeraMate. In my wife’s case, she just watches the PushOver notifications to see what is happening and is not as interested in the details as I am (imagine that :roll_eyes:).

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