Can’t see devices on Alexa routine

I have a french version of Alexa and I can’t see any Vera devices in routines.

Is it normal ?

I remove all the special caracters on the devices names but nothing change.

Some suggestions ?

check this…if it helps…do let me know…!

From my own perspective that is normal. I can see all of my Vera devices in the Alexa app and successfully control them but none of them show in the Alexa routines. I can even create scenes in Vera and run them from Alexa, but no Vera devices show when creating an Alexa routine. If someone finds a fix for this it would be wonderful.

I am also French
I see all my authorized devices in the Routines in
"Ajouter Une Action/Maison Connectée/Contrôler un Appareil "
Did you allow your devices in then menu up / left “Gerer Alexa”

check this…if it helps…do let me know…!

did anyone check.?

J’ai le même problème que toi , et j’ai aussi google home qui ne fonctionne pas, malgré le contact avec le support aucune solution trouvée.

I could see all my devices in the action.

I just would like to use my device status as a trigger for the routine.

Can you see your devices in the trigger ? (lorsque cela se produit / Maison Intelligente…)

I have the problem with ROUTINES. I cant control scenes from the alexa app in routines section.

I think Vera Control skill needs an update.

there are none its not enabled. who’s fault, who knows. Sucks!!

Create a Switchboard switch to trigger your scene?


alexa will trigger scenes, but will not be trigger by devices. you can use http request and ifttt or node-red with alexa remote2

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