Cannot detect devices


After a few years of using Vera Plus, I all of a sudden get the dreaded " Cann’t detect device error". >:(

Why would I suddenly get this situation. I get them on 14 devices (out of 50).
What do I need to do to reactivate them? I really don’t want to go thru an unpairing/pairing drill. :-[
I don’t understand, my Vera Plus system had been running ever since the Plus came out.


I had a similar situation that was caused by a low battery in a water sensor. Other devices lost Vera connection, not the sensor.

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Thanks for your reply.
How did you find out which sensor it was if the devices cannot be detected?


I too have seen this for the first time using my new Vera Secure (never before with the Vera 3), and see that sometimes you can clear the error by simply cycling the device - turn light on/off, lock/unlock door. All of my battery devices were at 100% when it occurred, so no real hint as to why. I also noted that one wall switch completely dropped off the system and had to be removed and re-paired. Since this happened about a week ago no further major issues but still an occasional ‘Cant detect’ error.


[quote=“hwve, post:3, topic:196720”]Thanks for your reply.
How did you find out which sensor it was if the devices cannot be detected?[/quote]

What was weird for me was that the sensor with a low battery never lost connection. I banged my head against the wall for a solid month and then my sensor suddenly reported a low battery, down from 50+% the previous day. I replaced that battery, the device lost pairing for some reason, paired the sensor back into Vera and waited. It took another 2 days for the device dropouts to stop, but they improved. One more exclude / pair cycle of a separate wired device that was acting odd after the sensor battery replacement, but then it has been fine.

If it happens to me again, I’m heading straight to that sensor first.


One thing to remember with wireless battery powered Z-Wave sensors is that they do not relay your Z-Wave signal to other Z-Wave devices. Z-Wave and Z-Wave + is only rated at 100’ and the most with + is 150’ and that is line of sight with no walls in between the controller and the sensor. Z-Wave works best when you have an expanded Z-Wave mesh network. This means you need hard wired Z-Wave products that will relay your signal to other devices.
If you have nothing but battery powered devices on your network, your range from the controller will be very short.

Another problem with wireless is other devices using the Z-Wave spectrum. Although I am no expert in this area, I have heard and experienced crowded freq’s causing problems for Z-Wave devices. Especially at longer distances from the controller.


The baffling thing is that all these devices had been working for weeks and all of a sudden 7 of them quit responding. Looks like I have a reach issue. When I bring the units in the office they work, then outside the loose contact, but there are other units physically nearby that should complete the mesh. I am at a loss.


Hi there,

If somewhere in the unit’s past you’ve migrated your setup from an older unit (Vera3/Lite) this might be the problem.

While migration might be a short term solution, in the long run it will have the mentioned issues, because of the different Z-wave platforms.

I’m afraid the solution would be only one, to reset your z-wave network and start clean, instead of migrating. See our disclaimer here:


I migrated to Vera Plus when that first came out. so that has been a while ago. The system was running fine until a couple of days ago when 14 units quit responding. This is very disconcerting to me aims I obviously depend on these things performing as they should. Something is not right obviously.


This past winter my old CT30 thermostat was knocking out my z-wave network. Took me time to figure it out, but I only have 8 z-wave devices. The new CT101 solved the problem.


I’m on Day 2 of Vera.

I have about 16 battery zwave devices and 8 zwave plugs spread around the house to provide the mesh.

The odd thing is that Vera Edge - brand new with all updates up to date - keeps losing the Zwave Spirit TRVs that are line of sight and 8 feet away and 20 ft away form the Vera Edge.

But the Spirit TRVs at the far corners of the house are OK.

Just the ones closest to the Vera Edge.

This means it is not getting through the Morning and Night SetPoint changes.

But if you manually change the set points on the device through Vera all of a sudden Saves Transmit was OK!

I cannot get my head around a manual Setpoint works and a SetPoint from a Scenes does not.

Any ideas ?