can't detect device - Qubino 1 flush relay

over the past years I had the following problem with a Flush 1 relay of Qubino (ordering code ZMNHAA2).
I use the relay to switch on my garage door (pulse mode).
I use the following configuration settings

Parameter - Data size - Value - comment 1 - 1 byte DEC - 0 - a mono-stable switch is connected to input 1 of the relay to manually open the gate 1 - 2 byte DEC - 200 - a pulse of 2 seconds (200cs) is used to make sure the gate opens 40 - 1 byte DEC - 0 - reporting in WATTS on power change disabled 42 - 2 byte DEC - 0 - reporting in WATTS by time interval disabled

the switching of the garage door is working without any problem, manually or via the vera controller.
The switch was only -7m away from my controller (but no free line of sight) and I don’t had any delay problems

BUT every 2 to 3 months the module stopped responding to the Vera controller. Manual mode was still working, but the module could not be controlled remotely anymore. It could not be detected by the Vera controller anymore
Every time I had to remove the module from the controller and include it again, which meant updating all my scenes.

over the 2 years, I did the following:

I don’t think it a connection problem, during these 2-3 months I don’t experience any delays or had to do retries. Also currently I’ve added another module (Fibaro Universal Dimmer 500W ) installed in between the controller and the Qubino module just to eliminate the possibility of a connection problem. I did several network healings to make sure the routing was updated. The problem occurred now for another 2 times since I’ve added the Fibaro module in between.

I’ve already contacted vera support 2 months ago. At that time I was advised to upgrade to UI7, which I did and for which I received great help from the tech support. There were some issues which have been solved by the support team.

In meanwhile I’ve also placed my Vera controller to the most central place in my house, which was also advised by the support team. Now the vera is roughly 4 meters away from the Qubino relay (with 2 brick walls in between). The Qubino relay is not especially close to any high power power cables.

Nevertheless, It did not solve the issues. The Qubino still stopped communicating for 2 times within the last 2 months. This evening even 2 Qubino relays (same type) stopped communicating with the Vera Controller, both at opposite sites of my controller…

Restoring my Z-wave network does not help either.

What options do I have to resolve this problem once and for all? Install Z-wave repeaters? Change the Qubino relays with a similar product of a different brand?
upgrade to a Vera Plus? Changing to HomeSeer? :slight_smile: just kidding

Kind Regards,

edit: using a vera 3 controller

Did you ever solve this?
I have the same problem with this device and my Vera Edge.
Super annoying :sob:

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