Can't get GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Garage door opener to worjk with VeraEdge

Can anyone help me sync up my Garage door controller with my Vera Edge. I have tried it with them a few feet away but it never recognizes it,

I am going to DEVICES - Add Device. then “Other Devices” Garage Door opener Linear (GD00z-4). I start the pairing countdown of 60 seconds and press the Sync button on the Garage control but it never finds it.

The unit I received says GoControl on it, looks like some people have them that say Linear, not sure if that matters.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

If your is GoControl it likely is the newer version and the Edge is a 500 series controller. So it should work fine. I have two of them connected to my Vera Plus and they work fine. I would first do an exclude and try to re-include them .

Probably does not matter in your case, but I had an interesting experience with these a couple of months ago when I ordered a few.
There seems to be a couple of versions of the -4. I will call them the “fake -4” and the “real -4”. The “real -4” seems to have “Go Control” on the front and Zwave+ listed on the box while the “fake -4” may show Linear. The reason I call them “fake -4” is that I ordered several -4 from different sources and found that many were just “-1 (Iris) or -3(Nexia)” versions with a new label on the box but having only Zwave 300 chips vs. Zwave 500 (Plus). The date codes on the relabeled ones were a couple of years old and I verified to be 100% sure by cracking the case and looking at the IC. The GoControl ones had 2016 date codes.

The resellers of these were also confused and even showed me their invoice from their distributor showing them as real -4 devices and even in one case as a “-5” version although there is no mention of this on Linear’s web site. It seems that Linear is relabeling old versions to clear inventory.

I think I had an issue with mine where it thought it was already paired, possibly from factory QA testing. Do the unpair process for the controller, twice to be safe, then try pairing again.

If you have a lot of metal in your garage it may be blocking the already low signal strength of Z-Wave.
I have found that it helps to push the button repeatedly quickly then slowly and hold for longer durations while the 60 second countdown is progressing. If the controller is far from the sub controller, you may want to put a plug in appliance module in between the controller and the GD00Z.
I have also learned it is easier to use a light laptop like a Chromebook and take it with me to the location of the device (GD00Z) when pairing so I can immediately see the controllers status and if it has received the pairing command.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for all the replies. I have been out of town so haven’t been able to try anything yet. I think I will try unpairing the device first and see if that helps.

I was finally able to get my Garage controller to e recognized. The unit itself says it is a model GO CONTROL so I used the OTHER DEVICES / Garage Door Opener for Linear. Like Jamr said, I did have to rapidly push the connect button multiple times and then it connected,

Not sure why, but Vera said my opener was actually a NuTone but it is working anyways.

Thanks for all the responses.

Nutone, Linear, GoControl … all same company. My Go Control shows Nutone in the GUI.

FWIW I got mine working finally. Once it is paired you have to use a normal remote to open and close the door to sync the tilt sensor. The big hiccup on mine is that the tilt sensor shipped with a dead battery. So if you’re have the door showing up in the system but its not doing anything try a new battery even if it is supposedly new.

This is an old post but I just had a similar problem with the GD00Z-4 and the Vera Plus that seemed relative if anyone like me is research inclusion problems with this device.

I just moved to a new house and I brought the GD00Z-4 with me. I tried multiple parings and unpairings of the device. A few with the device sitting right next to my Vera Plus. I knew distance couldn’t be the problem though as the GD00Z-4 at the previous house was further away from the Vera Plus than it is now and there is a z-wave wall switch (with a repeater) between it and the Vera Plus at this house.

I had changed the battery in the tilt sensor as the first step in my troubleshooting. As a last ditch effort, I grabbed the new battery out of the sensor and tested it. It was fine. However, I noticed there was quite a bit of rattling when I shook the sensor. So using my thumb, I pressed the battery hard in the saddle along with the toggle that suppresses when the back cover is on and viola, it worked. I inserted a few shims made out of paper and problem was solved.

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