Colour loop effect

Im struggling to find how to trigger colour loop function in the alt hue app, can someone point me in the right direction ? we have a few scenes that used this before we moved over from the Vera Hue app.

Check out the SetHueEffect UPNP action on the plugin.
ALTUI helps a bit to see actions and parameters but it works on ui7 too.

Do I just add coloueloop into the effect line ? (never used effects in this app and could not find anything in the manual).

What is the best way to manage bulbs on a second hub, I thought i might need to create another instances of the app but could not see where to do that (for instance on the logitech plug in each hub is shown as its own plug in. I found where to selelect between the 2 different hubs but it appears its a selecction of one or the other. I could not see how to resolve that in the user guide.

effect is a string. Philipps API says :
effect string The dynamic effect of the light. Currently “none” and “colorloop” are supported. Other values will generate an error of type 7.Setting the effect to colorloop will cycle through all hues using the current brightness and saturation settings. Optional

I never tried 2 hubs, because I cannot test that.

OK great thank you, most helpful.

I have 4 running on one Vera - all down to limitations of the hubs, not the plugin!
Create new device from the develop apps menu, using the device types from the first hub.
restart LUA
Give IP of new hub and do the authentication
Will give “can’t detect device” error until you populate the new hub with bulbs, but it will be working - check “huedata” in the device.

You may need to moderate your polling rate if you have multiple hubs.

The AltHue app is truly awesome. A great piece of work.

Great , thx for the feedback

Thanks I did originally try to create new device but must have made an error as could not get it to work. Will give it another go.

4 hue hubs, thsts going some!

Just created a fifth - this time for Deconz. Hoping that I can migrate all the Zigbee stuff to that and dump the Hue Hubs. 50 devices is a joke, which accounts for 2 of them, and segmenting to try to dodge Philips’ complete mess of Zigbee 3.0 dumping all my ZLL wall switches off the network every 4 hours or so accounts for the other 2.
Haven’t got the stick yet - Amazon not so quick this time, but the Pi is up and running and Deconz connected to Vera using AltHue.

So you do have to wait a bit and I missed out the browser refresh above, but comes up ok in “Vera time”…

Device type urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:althue:1
UPNP Device file D_ALTHUE.xml
UPNP Imp. File I_ALTHUE.xml

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