Control Windows cover with reactor

Hello everyone!

I am looking for help …
I wanted to program something like that with Reactor …

If the window / door is open, then the blind cannot close …

I with the reactor in configuredVariable I have the following information:
1-Door / Window State (0 = closed 1 = opened), 1d , 2-Visual LED indications (1-6), 1d , 3-Associations in Z-Wave network Security Mode (0-3), 1d, , 11-2nd association group triggers (0-2), 1d , 12-Association for opening - value sent (0-99 or 255), 2d , 13-Association for closing - value sent (0-99 or 255) , 2d , 14-Association for opening - time delay (0-32400), 2d , 15-Association for closing - time delay (0-32400), 2d , 30-Tamper - alarm cancellation delay (0-32400) , 2d , 31-Tamper - reporting alarm cancellation (0 or 1), 1d , 50-Interval of temperature measurements (0 5-32400), 2d , 51-Temperature reports threshold (0 or 1-300), 2d , 52-Interval of temperature reports (0 or 300-32400), 2d , 53-Temperature offset (-1000 to 1000 C), 2d , 54-Temperature alarm reports (0-3), 1d , 55- High temperature alarm threshold (1-600), 2d , 56-Low temperature alarm threshold (0-599), 2d, (string)

but how do I program if the state is open, the blind does not close?

Thanks in advance!

Hi please stop cross posting, it will not get you more replies on the topic. I suggested in on of your previous copy posts to have a look at the reactor WIKI and videos and trying it out. If you’re stuck we can help you work it out.

Here is a simple example of monitoring the loadlevel and if door is tripped, it will not close and if blind is closed open it.

Perhaps your question can be re-cast as:
“I want Reactor to run only when the door is closed.”

In other words, include this AND condition in your Reactor Sensor:

[Device State] [Door Sensor] [Tripped] = [0]

Or is there something I’m missing here??

Hello everyone!
My goal is that if the window is open and someone has the shutter closed, it won’t close!
My blind is inside, and if the window is open and the blind tries to close it will do damage! :frowning:

I followed your example and I already did … follow the images!
Still, the delay in recognizing the trigers is still some and the shutter still closes a bit.
Now I’m testing with my hand holding the window at the limit so the blind won’t hit … But in a normal situation the blind would be damaged!

Try it with LoadLevelTarget.

I’ve tried and the same thing happens … It’s a small fraction of time, but enough for the blind to go down a bit.

are you closing the blinds directly, i.e. a remote or local switch. If so there will always be a delay .

I’m ordering it through Vera’s app …
My problem is that if I’m on the terrace with the door open and for some reason someone has the shutter closed, I didn’t want it to close.

Then make the switching of the shutter fire the reactor. Maybe use a virtual widow covering switch, and have reactor listen for the virtual switch. Then have reactor open or close blind using the real switch. You can then hide the real switch.

Thanks… But how do i create a virtual switch to control an existing one?

go to mios app store, under apps-install, search for switchboard and install the plugin. once plugin is installed you can create a variety of virtual switches.

I already installed and added. But how do I assign the “real” button to this one?

you do it via reactor so your conditions will refer to the virtual switch and your activites will turn on the real switch.

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OK! so when I can I will test and then say something! Thank you for your help

I’ve been trying … But I don’t understand how he assumes the state of the virtual! sorry for my ignorance!

LoadLevelTarget 100 open 0 closed
Target 1 close 0 open

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It’s working! :slight_smile: Thanks!


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