Control zwave device from ios using vera

Hi, i have a vera edge for like 5+ years now. have lights, zwave, myq, envisalink, nest, lots of integrations. I am somewhat technical and have done some tinkering.
my challenge is simple to explain, but i can’t figure out how to do it… i think i am looking for IFTTT, but that seems to be not available.

one of my zwave devices, a leviton vrpa1 (1/2 HP motor load switch) is set to run on a schedule as it powers my espresso machine.(quite a large W draw).

sometimes I want to turn the machine on or off outside of the schedule, especially since we are all now home all the time.

It’s kind of cumbersome to launch vera on my iphone, scroll the devices list, find the room, find the device and toggle it… it takes like 30s. the zwave device has no physical switch I can toggle (or that’s what i would do).

is there anyway i can do either of:

  1. add an IFTTT button to my ios homescreen that will perform simple toggle of the device
  2. create some kind of shortcut on the vera mobile dashboard so that i have quick access to toggle the device?
    3)other ideas?

The new Vera app supports Siri Shortcuts, so you can create a shortcut “Turn off Coffee Maker” that runs a scene to turn it off and another for turn on. Siri Shortcuts allows for widgets and you can use your voice as well.

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is there any guides or more info on how to do this?

whoa! i figured it out! too easy! hahaha thank you so much! you made life so much better because now vera is in control of coffee - two important things in life!

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Create a scene in your Vera: 1 for the coffee marker off and another scene for coffee maker on. Then you head over to the shortcuts app, create a new shortcut and under the apps section you should see Vera. The scene you created should show up there (usually closing and reopening the app shows the new scenes). After that it’s pretty self explanatory you just name the shortcut whatever you’d like and you can see what you want the voice command be from Siri.

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Hi thanks for the explanation i didn’t know how to do that too.

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