Create a virtual device to replace and command two real devices

Hello. I have, to command three electric heaters with pilot wires located in a single room, installed and got to work two Qubino ZMNHJD1 pilot wire devices. One of them is connected to and commands heaters 1 and 2 while the other commands heater 3. So two devices appear on my VeraPlus controller, for one room and what should be for me a single device. The above setup is real but experimental so far. I am completely new in this. I have heard that it is quite easy to create a virtual device which would issue the appropriate commands to my two real devices. Is this possible ? How should I do ? TIA

Install the plug-in “Virtual Switch”. It can do the job for you.

Switchboard would probably be better. The old Virtual Switch plugin has no current maintainer.

+1 on this. While Virtual Switch has been working well for me for years, it is an orphan. Switchboard has considerably more flexibility, and is actively maintained.

I use Virtual Switch and I hear it uses considerably more resources than Switchboard - I just wish I had time to make the transition but I have like 12 VS’s configured.