Deciphering a Log Error

I am attempting to figure out why I get the following log errors:
ZWaveNode::HandlePollUpdate_Alarm node 39 device 254 v1type: 0 v1level: 0 source: 0 status: 255 type: 7 event: 8 parms: 0 code: (null) <0x2be0b680>

ZWaveNode::HandlePollUpdate_Alarm node 41 device 258 v1type: 0 v1level: 0 source: 0 status: 255 type: 7 event: 8 parms: 0 code: (null) <0x2be0b680>

This on a Vera 3 running the latest firmware.

I cannot find a device 254 and device 258 is a Dome DMMS1. It is possible 254 was the same device when I first got it. I was trying different parameters and had to factory reset the device before it settled down.

Perhaps unrelated to this is this following error right after the device 254 error but several lines later:
LuaInterface::CallFunction_Timer-5 function refreshCache failed [string “…”]:423: bad argument #1 to ‘byte’ (string expected, got nil) <0x2e60b680>

I only found 1 plug-in using the refreshCache and it is the Sercomm LUA file, which I do not use nor can I successfully delete (it comes back).

amg0 was helping me decipher an iPhone Locator problem (since resolved) and pointed out this error is serious. Of course, my Vera 3 is otherwise working fine with restarts maybe 2 or 3 times a day.

Any insight would be appreciated.

I would install ALTUI and look into the device table to see what that device 254 is as it has a zwave node number. It is strange that you cannot see and might be hidden.

Gosh 2-3 reloads a day, I don’t call that working. It is crashing and corrupting data as it goes.

Thanks for that advice. I installed AltUI and paid for a 6 month subscription. I should have done that a long time ago. Very nice interface and very responsive. Much, much easier to quickly dig deep into the Vera to troubleshoot.

I did find device 254 - the same Dome DMMS1 device in the Living Room. I’ll have to check the parameters - maybe I set something incorrectly.

Two to 3 restarts a day have not impacted us too often. Sometimes it means the nightstand lights do not ramp up at 5:30 am but we have to wait for the restart to complete. Sometimes it means manually turning on/off the exterior lights because a restart interrupted the schedule. Sometimes it means waiting to wait a minute to open/close the garage door. By sometimes, I mean maybe once a week But I only have 15 z-wave devices and a total of 85 devices including quite a few virtual switches and 12 PLEG devices. Vera has been fairly stable for me.

Again, thanks for the tip. I’ll be looking around for the next few weeks.