Deleting rules

@akbooer, @amg0 , @vosmont

Not sure who but since a couple of updates of ALTUI and openLuup (dev branch), I’m unable to delete rules in Rules Engine…

I even try Chrome and Firefox in case of…
having this in chrome console when trying to delete a rules…

Blockly works still on latest versions of altui

I think@vosmont need to look at rule engine but I do not know if he is still active on vera

If it’s JavaScript related, it’s unlikely to be an openLuup issue.

I do not use rule engine, @Dest maybe you can put a breakpoint and see what is going on ?

I will try … but not very familiar with “breakpoint”

Did you change something in 12.12 vs previous version about my issue?

No, this was to try and fix a Reactor plugin issue with a particular scene controller.

I really should try and keep the version log thread up to date. Sorry!

I really do believe that there is nothing in openLuup which causes this issue. It simply does not contain any JavaScript to speak of (and then, only the console CGI.)

I agree, its got to be something in ruleengine or a change in altui which broken ruleengine but only vosmont can say

@amg0 @akbooer

Just very strange that…
1- I changed nothing on my laptop…
2- Did not upgrade Firefox or Chrome since yesterday
3- Got this strange issue with Rules Engine for a couple weeks
4- Upgraded openLuup last week and still having the issue!
5- Upgraded right now to latest version of openLuup 12.12, before it was 12.10 I think

And now, it’s working perfectly…

If that, can help, I’m also having Reactor installed in my setup but not really using it!

Very strange indeed.

There was absolutely no significant change to any code in openLuup that could have changed this behaviourbetween those two versions. Just a couple of very obscure, and rarely used, changes as I mentioned earlier. Could it be a network issue with downloading JavaScript? I really couldn’t say.

Oh well, it’s working now. I’m sure youll keep an eye on it!

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