Desktop shortcut for device activation

I would love to have a windows desktop shortcut that would turn a device on/off rather than going through the User Interface. Is there a way to do this?

It’s just an HTTP request to perform that action, so if you know any way to wrap that into a desktop link, then you are home and dry.


What would be the form of that HTTP request?

I’ve got some desktop shortcuts that opens or closes a window shade near my computer, it calls my browser, which then calls my Hunter Douglas Hub and executes a scene.

Works really nice. Convenient. I have the shortcuts on my wife’s computer also, so she doesn’t have to hassle with opening the Vera or HD apps.

See here:

thanks akbooer, that works perfectly!

This line of inquiry begs the question: Does any Vera clone (e.g. openLuup), native plug-in or alternative UI (such as AltUI) allow users to easily click-and-drag, export/Save As… or otherwise “Mark as Favorite” to create a Desktop icon automatically from a given device/action?

If not, I’d love to submit such a facility as a Feature Request for future Vera UI updates!

In the meantime, this gives me a great idea for using Reactor to generate the necessary URLs, saving users from having to look them up and hand roll 'em.

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