Detecting offline device takes hours

Vera Edge. I setup notifications for when a device goes offline. I unplugged a controller to test this. The Vera didn’t detect that it was offline and notify me until about 4 hours later. Is there a way to make this more timely?

Probably but you will need plugins like pleg or reactor.

Those are more capable of monitoring the last successfully poll event and triggering an action if the poll times are too far apart.

Vera is bad at many long time events because it loses track of things during luup restarts, which happen more often than you would think.

I would check the wake up interval (device variable) of that device to see if it matches this 4 hours. If it does, Vera will not check it more often than that interval to see if the device is offline.

I like this idea but don’t see a corresponding variable for that, at least one that is obviously named. Below are the var settings.

Capabilities 211,156,0,4,16,1,L,R,B,RS,|37,39,114,115,11 Edit
ManufacturerInfo 99,20562,12337 Edit
VersionInfo 6,3,67,3,34 Edit
Configured 1 Edit
NodeInfo 25,27,72,73,75,77,86, Edit
InitialName Unnamed Edit
ModeSetting 1:;2:;3:;4: Edit
LastUpdate 1480536417 Edit
FirstConfigured 1480536417 Edit
Neighbors 1, Edit
LastReset 0 Edit
AssociationNum 0 Edit
ConsecutivePollFails 0 Edit
PollRatings 5.00 Edit
device #15
Params Variables New service Commands
6/19/2020 2/2
ConfiguredName Christmas Tree Edit
PollSettings 60 Edit
Status 0 Edit
PollOk 367564 Edit
LastPollSuccess 1592570521 Edit
Target 0 Edit
LastRouteUpdate 1592533980 Edit
LastNnu 1592460000,647 Edit
LastArr 1592460000,647 Edit
PollNoReply 100 Edit
CommFailure 0 Edit
CommFailureTime 0 Edit
CommFailureAlarm 1592443303,0 Edit

Is this a battery operated device like a sensor or something hardwired?

Having Vera polling the device will surely mark it as offline. It will not work for battery operated devices as they are in sleep mode. For battery operated devices Vera marks the device offline if the device is not waking up at the predefined wake up time.

These are the poll settings for a regular hardwired device:

These are de wake up interval settings for battery operated device:

Both options are under device settings->settings.

This is a regular plug in appliance/light module. Poll settings were already set to 60s - although this is a maximum - what is the minimum polling interval? At any rate I would have expected Vera to detect the offline condition within a couple minutes, not hours.

Even when I used the web interface to issue a poll command to the device it did not detect.

I would advise checking this with the support team as well. Might be other reasons why it did not detect de event.

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