Disable Fibaro Switch

Hi all,
I use a fibaro double switch as an indicator not as a switch (the actual switching is done by a relais). The system is working fine, as long as I don’t change the switch myself.
My question: Is there a possibility to disable the use of a fibaro switch so I can’t change it within VeraEdge.

thx in advance

Not that I am aware of no.

You could completely hide the Fibaro switch from the Vera GUI. However if your using it as an indicator this is probably not what you want…

You could put this in your startup LUA so that it hides the devices also after a reboot:
Go to APPS > Develop APPS > Edit Startup Lua

luup.attr_set(“invisible”, 1, DEV_ID1)

Where DEV_ID1 is the device ID number of the Fibaro switch.

Thx for your reply. As you already assumed, I want to see the status of the relais but not being able to change it within Vera. So I can’t hide the device.

You have to develop a custom device file. I have one to simulate a sensor attached to a relay. I can share if you want it and the mobile app will show it nonetheless. Your other way is to use a virtual sensor, copy the value via code and hide the original one. This will be 100% compatibile with mobile apps.

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If you happen to be using the Imperihome mobile app you can easily create a read only widget that you cannot press or change.

Switch Widget # 3

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