DlgDropboxError when adding a new control

I’m trying to add a dimmer to one of my control screens, and I keep running into a Dropbox “DlgDropboxError” notification box that keeps coming back as soon as I tap “OK.” It persists, and the only way to solve it is to close out HomeWave and try again.

Does it happen if you add it to other control screens or if you add a different type of control?

I was adding a dimmer to an existing screen full of dimmers & on/off switches. I started by trying access image files to use for the control. I was able to see all of the images in my DropBox account when I pressed the DropBox button to select an icon, but the image didn’t get assigned to the control. Then the error started popping up & wouldn’t go away.

I’ll try to replicate it if you want to see logs. In the meantime, I was able to add the control with just a ring.


I’ve a similar problem. I can’t add a control unloading the image from Dropbox.



im my case the control is of switch type. I can’t use neither a icon or a image.

Can you check please ?



Hi any news ?

This one dropped off the issue list somehow. I will address this in the coming week.

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