DSC panel and IT-100 with UI-7 issue


I posted this in a General page and received no responses so I will post here where it is more appropriate.
I used a Vera 3 and the DSC 1832 panel with the IT-100 for about 5 years and somewhere along the way I believe I had upgraded it to UI5. Anyway around April 24 or April 25 my vera was corrupted and it lost most of my sensor names, all my rooms, all my scenes, my plugins, and could not use it remotely only locally. I also noticed I had to create a new account on the new getvera website (perhaps that was the reason behind the failure to use remotely).

So in order to try to get remote working again I ended up upgrading it to UI7 but I did not do the factory reset. Anyway, after upgrading I ended up renaming my devices and added in my rooms again. I then tried to get the DSC alarm panel incorporated via the IT-100. I tried to use the UI4 and UI5 instructions to determine how to set it up again (it’s been 5 years since I did it the first time). Anyway cobled bits and pieces together and tried to associate it to the new UI but fields are missing, different, relocated, etc.
I Still can’t seem to get the DSC Alarm integration working correctly. It did successfully communicate with my DSC control panel because VERA has the name “My Castle” which is what I defined inside my DSC control panel. However, VERA 3 with UI7 has a red bar with the text “Can’t Detect Device” for the Alarm Panel, Alarm Panel, and every DSC sensor in the UI7 GUI.

  • Is there a UI7 document explaining how to set up the DSC using IT-100?
  • If I do a factory reset do I need to re-install the UI7 or will it wipe my data and still leave the UI7 rom?
  • How do I do a factory reset (I want to keep UI7 but wipe my sensors and the rest of the memory and start with a “clean” laydown of the system files).

Any help greatly appreciated,


I use EVL’s to integrate with our DSC systems. I assume they are similar.
Here is directions on how to set that up. Maybe it will help you figure it out. If not, I would delete the DSC add on and start over.


It just started to working. I can control the alarm from a PC locally or remotely. The only exception is that the Vera app is missing the buttons to Arm, Disarm, Stay, or Force but I guess that is just a limitation of the Vera App and I hope they add that feature soon.