ElTako sensors connection to a ZWave system


I’m building a new real-time notification system for wind/rain alerts, to protect my roller shades, stop sprinklers and so on.

I’ve successfully tested a system based on ElTako wind sensor+rain sensor+LRW12D.
LRW12D is a digital relay, getting the wind input and converting in an alert firing if a given setpoint is reached

The LRW12D relay is very cool, since I don’t have to calculate anything with a custom device or rely on something that could miss a high wind spike and thus I’m sure I’ll protect the roller shades.

I’m trying to get the high wind output and relay it to a ZWave sensor. The outputs are Mosfet outputs, so maybe I need something between a FGS 223 and the relay to switch the controller. Anyone has any idea? Thanks.


You could probably use something from the MySensors forum, using an Arduino, but perhaps it’s not worth bolting on another ecosystem for just one sensor.


Thanks for the suggestion.
The relay is already triggering a 220 load, but it seems to not be enough to switch a Fibaro FGS 22*.
I’m starting to think that I need another relay just to switch the s1/s2 of my fibaro. I will check with my electrian next week.