Ezlo Atom and Vera mobile beta

I have a brand new atom and a beta Vera Mobile.
I setup a Google Home device and commands seem to work when manually entered. I tried setting up a scene using the GH but have mixed results. It is very slow to save the scene and sometimes it just sits and spins forever when it is trying to save the scene. So far I have only managed to create one scene. The scene does not show up all the time. ie. I logged out and back in and the scene disappears only to appear again later. I find everything to be very slow, The app also stops fairly frequently and needs to be restarted.
When I switch to my Vera Plus controller everything seems to be fine.

Thank you @BruceNH for keeping us informed about this scene part. Can you please also share if you are using Vera Mobile on iOS or Android?

Android 7.1.1 on a Samsung Galaxy tablet.
I also, have an Alexa device kicking around. I will try and set it up and see if it works any better.

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